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Con-Grad-ulations seniors!

Dear Class of 2022,

Your time has finally arrived. Your hard work, your determination, your tireless efforts are about to pay off. Your time to walk across the stage as they call your name to receive your diploma is almost here! We want to take this time to say Congratulations! Your efforts these last few years have not gone unnoticed. No one could have possibly predicated these last few years of remote learning and funky school schedules, but you should take pride in your accomplishments and for reaching this point.

So today we take a moment and reflect. We think about all those times you laughed until your abs hurt. We remember the assembly where the teachers did that little dance they spent so many hours practicing. We celebrate in our athletic and academic accomplishments. On the field and in the classroom there are so many reasons to be proud of your educational career so far.

To all the families of graduating seniors we say Job Well Done! You are raising the bright minds of our future. The ones who will challenge those ideals and beliefs that came before them in pursuit of an even brighter future. You persevered through the quickly changing remote learning environment while balancing your own obligations of work, life, and a pandemic. JOB WELL DONE!

To the graduating seniors of Bonney Lake & Sumner High School's may the world be your blank canvas. We cannot wait to see what you do!


The Sumner-Bonney Lake Education Foundation

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