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What does the SUmner-Bonney Lake Education Foundation Do?

Where can I find THE Foundations Most Recent Financial Report?

That's a great question! (COMING SOON)

How Can I apply for a SCholarship?

From November to February the Scholarship Application is open for Seniors of Bonney Lake and Sumner High Schools to apply. The link to apply can be found on the respective schools scholarship pages. At this time we do not award scholarships to Home School students living in the Sumner-Bonney Lake School District boundaries.

Bonney Lake High School Scholarships Page

Sumner High School Scholarships Page

What have you awards Grant Funds to in THE Past?

Innovative Teacher Grant recipients. (PAGE COMING SOON)

How Can I get Involved?

To get involved visit our GET INVOLVED page for a list of opportunities to volunteer or help out around the district!

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