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Community Scholarship Application

After you submit your application, a PDF copy, along with an important email, will arrive in your email box.  You will need this copy of your application to complete the application process.


  • Submit two printed scholarship applications and two copies of your letter of recommendation to your CIC/ Career Center before February 2024.

  • Copies of a current transcript will be provided for you after you turn in your applications and letter of recommendation.


Contact your Career Specialist if you have any problems or questions:

Bonney Lake High School: Kimberly Bailey-

Sumner High School: Melissa Nelson-


Please check your spam folder if the return email doesn’t arrive in your regular email box.  The return email has a copy of your application and additional important information about completing your application. 

To stream line your application process here is a PDF of all the questions you will be asked so you can have the information ready to submit.

Application will Re-open in Fall 2023 for the Class of 2024.

For more information, call 253-260-4850

For information on scholarships from other organizations check out the following links:

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Sumner High School Additional Scholarship

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